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MYSTERY: In the Belly of Jonah book trailers shown on TV commercials across the country (book trailer 1book trailer 2)

Lot’s Return to Sodom book trailers shown on TV commercials across the country (book trailer 1, book trailer 2, book trailer 3, book trailer 4)

NOVELS: Talons

YOUNG ADULT: The Girl Next Door, The Princess of Las Pulgas, Star in the Middle, The Girl Next Door, Rebels by Accident

CHILDREN’S: Once Upon a Baby Brother, The Adventures of Little Arthur and Merlin the Magnificent

COOKBOOKS: Cheater BBQ demonstration

NONFICTION: The Power Formula For LinkedIn Success

AUTHOR INTERVIEWS: Abby Dees, Jeff Schettler, Mark Laxer, Introducing Sandra Brannan, Selene Castrovilla at BEA, Daphna Ziman with China TV, Daphna Ziman at BEA, Brian Peterson at BEA, H.T. Narea at BEA, Tim Ostermeyer at BEA, Jim Higley, Selene Castrovilla on TV, Sandra Brannan at BEA, Sandra Brannan about Liv Bergen

New Book Network produces, writes and edits book trailers completely catered to the plot of your book. The network accepts requests from any genre and reads every book before production begins to ensure a successful, creative piece of work to suck the viewers in! NBN also produces and edits author interviews highlighting debut or seasoned writers and their new books.

JKSCommunications, a full-service literary publicity firm, brings the experience of book promotion and understanding of the publishing industry to this partnership that ensures that publishers, publicists and authors will be working with a team that understands the unique opportunities and challenges of the publishing industry. The firm will get the finished book trailer into the hands of the book industry’s media giants, book bloggers and other outlets for promotion.

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